Mesh Checker is a powerful set of tools for automatic mesh error detection and easy checking of size, polygon count and UV mapping of objects.
Compatible with Unity 5.0-5.6, Unity 2017, Unity 2018
Current version is 2.2.0
  • 6 mesh analyses: Coincident UVs and vertices, inverted normals, pivot out of bounds, UV sets missing and vertices out of bounds.
  • 12 shading options: Normal, binormal, tangent, Wireframe, UV, backfaces, inverted normals and others.
  • 5 tools which help to find mesh issues: Coincident UVs and vertices, inverted normals, mesh bounds and pivot point viewers.
  • API for creating your own analyses, shading options and viewing tools.
  • Bounding box visualization for selected objects in world and local coordinates. You may easily copy the bounding box center coordinates and use them to create an object or place something in the middle of the selected objects volume.
  • Size of an object or a set of objects can be shown in meters, centimeters, feet or inches with custom scale adjustments.
  • A tool to temporarily apply procedural or custom UV-checker texture to selected objects to detect UV issues.
  • A «Polygons count» tool to show triangles and vertices count for all meshes associated with the selected set of objects.


«Sizes and bounds» tool visualizes and measures volumes of a selected set of objects.
«Polygons count» shows triangles and vertices count for all meshes associated with the selected objects.
«Checker» makes it easier to temporarily apply a checker texture to desired objects to detect UV-mapping errors.
«Mesh Analysis» automatically checks meshes using different analysis rules. It also helps checking meshes manually by offering different display options and manual analysis utilities. This tool offers an API to make your own automatic analysis rules, display options and manual check utilities.




Mesh Checker’s user manual and scripting reference is available online and included in the package.

Ask a question and report a bug

I always try to test MeshChecker before publishing, but sometimes bug happens. Also, you may have some questions about some functionality, but don't worry! Just report them via Unity Forum or e-mail. Then I am willing to reply and resolve them as soon as possible.