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MCUtilities Class

Provides utilities and extensions.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  HightlanderSolutions.MeshCheckerEditorExtension.Utilities
Assembly:  MeshCheckerLibrary (in MeshCheckerLibrary.dll) Version: 2.3
public static class MCUtilities

The MCUtilities type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberConvertIntToShortStringRepresentation
Converts an integer value to the short string representation.
Public methodStatic memberCornerPoints(Bounds)
The extension method, which gets corner points of a bounds.
Public methodStatic memberCornerPoints(Bounds, Quaternion)
Gets corner points of the bounds with specified rotation.
Public methodStatic memberDrawHandleAllAxis
Draws all axis.
Public methodStatic memberDrawHandleAxis
Draws an axis.
Public methodStatic memberDrawHandleWireCube
Draws a wire cube.
Public methodStatic memberDrawSizeHandleLabel
Draws a size handle label.
Public methodStatic memberGetAverage
Gets the average of the three vectors.
Public methodStatic memberGetAxisEndPoints
Gets end points of x, y and z axis.
Public methodStatic memberGetChecksum
Calculates the checksum of an objects array.
Public methodStatic memberInverse
Extension method, which inverts quaternion.
Public methodStatic memberIsPrefab
Checks that GameObject are prefab.
Public methodStatic memberRoundValueWithPrecision
Rounds input value, based on precision preference.
Public methodStatic memberTransformSelectionToGameObjects
Transforms selection to GameObject
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