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MCGUIStyles Fields

The MCGUIStyles type exposes the following members.

Public fieldButtonMiddle
The style of a middle button.
Public fieldColoredVerticalLine
Gets the style of a colored state line.
Public fieldFlowBackground
The style of «flow background».
Public fieldFlowShaderOutOff
The style of «flow shader out 0».
Public fieldFlowShaderOutOn
The style of «flow shader out 2».
Public fieldFlowShaderOutOnError
The style of «flow shader out 5».
Public fieldHelpBox
The style of a help box.
Public fieldLabelWordWrap
The word-wrapped label style.
Public fieldNotificationMessage
The style of a notification message.
Public fieldRefreshButton
The style of the refresh button.
Public fieldRobotoLabel
The label style with roboto font.
Public fieldRobotoLabelBold
The label style with bold roboto font.
Public fieldRobotoLabelBoldWhite
The label style with white bold roboto font.
Public fieldRobotoLabelCentered
The label style with roboto font (Centered).
Public fieldSettingsButton
The style of a settings button.
Public fieldToolEmptyLabel
The simple label style.
Public fieldWindowBackground
The style of a window background.
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