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MessageMeshAnalysis Class

Represents a simple MeshAnalysis which drawed as EditorGUI.HelpBox(UnityEngine.Rect,System.String,UnityEditor.MessageType) with the specified caption when the result are Error or Warning
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  HightlanderSolutions.MeshCheckerEditorExtension.MeshAnalysisFramework.API
Assembly:  MeshCheckerLibrary (in MeshCheckerLibrary.dll) Version: 2.3
public abstract class MessageMeshAnalysis : MeshAnalysis

The MessageMeshAnalysis type exposes the following members.

Protected methodMessageMeshAnalysis
Initializes a new instance of the MessageMeshAnalysis class
Public propertyEnded
Gets a value indicating whether the analysis ended.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public propertyInteractable
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the analysis is interactable.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Protected propertyMesh
Gets the mesh to be analysed.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public propertyMessage
Gets or sets the message that explains result of the analysis. Showed if the analysis has Error or Warning result.
Public propertyMessageContent
Gets the GUIContent instance of the message.
Public propertyNotSuccess
Gets a value indicating whether the result is equal to Warning or Error
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public propertyResult
Gets the result of the analysis.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public methodDeinitialize
Deinitializes the analysis.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public methodDraw
Draw result of the analysis in target position.
(Overrides MeshAnalysisDraw(Rect).)
Protected methodEnd(MeshAnalysisResultType)
Ends the analysis with specified result.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Protected methodEnd(MeshAnalysisResultType, String)
Ends the analysis with a specified result and message.
Public methodGetHeight
Get needed height for specified width to draw the result of the analysis.
(Overrides MeshAnalysisGetHeight(Single).)
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the analysis for a specified mesh.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public methodOnClick
Occurs when user perform click on the drawed result of this analysis if Interactable flag is true.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Protected methodOnDeinitialize
Occurs when a manager clean its data for releasing the memory.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Protected methodOnInitialize
Occurs when a manager prepares to run analyses.

This method invoked in main thread. Feel free to use Unity resources.

(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public methodRunAnalysis
Run analysis for Mesh.

This method can be invoked in second thread. You can't access Unity resources from it, instead cache resources in OnInitialize(Mesh) method.

(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public methodRunAnalysisInThread
Runs the analysis in a new separate thread.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public eventAnalysisEndedEvent
Occurs when the analysis has been ended.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
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