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MessageMeshAnalysis Properties

The MessageMeshAnalysis type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEnded
Gets a value indicating whether the analysis ended.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public propertyInteractable
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the analysis is interactable.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Protected propertyMesh
Gets the mesh to be analysed.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public propertyMessage
Gets or sets the message that explains result of the analysis. Showed if the analysis has Error or Warning result.
Public propertyMessageContent
Gets the GUIContent instance of the message.
Public propertyNotSuccess
Gets a value indicating whether the result is equal to Warning or Error
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
Public propertyResult
Gets the result of the analysis.
(Inherited from MeshAnalysis.)
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